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solo album
Bruce Daigrepont


I would like to dedicate this recording to my grandmother

Beulah Bonnette Dupuy, who became every ill during the recording, but I was able to return to Louisiana and see her before her death, at age 103.

I would also like to make a dedication to my dear parents,

Albert and Jennie Rita Daigrepont, who also passed away before this recording

was ever released.

I will forever love them for who they were: the most authentic Cajuns and the best parents I could ever have had.


Special Thanks to Lynn Abbott, Kevin Fontenot.


Recorded in Sweet Silence Studio,Copenhagen February 2007

Produced by Peter Abrahamsen

Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen / Cover design: John Ovesen / Photos: Lynn Abbott






“Jamais De La Vie,” the title of

this recording, is a common Cajun

saying used to express disbelief at

something that has happened.

It translates into “Never in Life”.

In this case, I am surprised to

have made such a simple

recording, consisting of only my

accordion and voice. It was

recorded live with no overdubs and

in of all places, Copenhagen,

Denmark. It was at the suggestion

of my good friend Peter Abrahamsen, that this project came to be.

The first time Peter saw me

perform was at the Festival Des

Acadians, where I was taking part

in an accordion workshop.

He remembered that sound and wanted to someday re-capture it in a recording.

Throughout the years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to wake up in the morning, make a pot of coffee, and play my accordion in my kitchen. The pure joy of learning old songs and creating new songs is something I will always love. In this setting, I have written “Jamais De La Vie”, “Les Course des Cheveaux“ and “Bienvenue Dans Le Sud De La Louisiane“, among others.


This album captures that acoustic, solo, live sound I so enjoy and brings you right into my kitchen in the morning.
I hope you enjoy the visit.



OSCD 1014

Made in Denmark

© 2010




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