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Bruce Daigrepont


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is one of the most exciting artists on the Cajun and Zydeco music scene today. His playing and singing are as strong as anyone's and his songwriting talents are unparalleled.

Bruce was born in New Orleans on July 11, 1958. His parents were part of a post-world War II migration of Cajuns to New Orleans from the rural farming communities of Aveoelles Parish,Louisiana. Located in the uppermost corner of Louisiana's “Cajun Triangle," Avoyelles Parish is the forgotten part of Cajun country. Nevertheless, the language and customs of the Cajun people are as deeply rooted here as anywhere in the state. And whenever you walked through the door of Bruce's family home, you returned to Avoyelles Parish. His late parents never abandoned their beautiful Cajun French, and they kept their

Gumbo and Fricassee simmering on the stove.

The same, instinctive pride of culture and heritage that has guided his parents' lives, and his grandparents' lives, are now invested in Bruce's music. Music came to Bruce at an early age, and in the most traditional manner – handed down from father to son.

Bruce fully immersed in the singer-songwriter tradition and this album contains quite a few of his excellent new compositions.

He is one of Cajun music's most gifted singers. In keeping with old-time dance hall musicians, he sings loud and passionately, in the higher tenor register, where many Cajun singers of today fear to tread. He can shift his powerfull voice from bell-tone clear to whiskey-rough.

The same spirit of adventure that distinguishes his singing is also present in Bruce's accordion playing. He has developed a highly individual style, patterned after no one past master, but imbued with the zest and vitality of them all. He creates an unusually full sound that is ultimately traceable to the wall of complex rythmic underspinnings that Bruce lays down on the accordion. Even while singing his heart out, he's busy executing difficult rolls, trills and hammerings on that simply defy a lot of other good accordion players.

This new album was recorded live with no overdubs and is just as though we would have the opportunity to visit Bruce at home and listen to him playing and singing on his front porch or kitchen.




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